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Total Love.ever Giving

When we feel some people are nOt worthy of our love , it may be because of our personal Pride, envy and so forth, that cuts us shot of giving more all love that’s due to an individual that might … Continue reading

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Right believing produce right living.

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THE WAY OF THINKING. christian life is not about getting from GOD, But it is the process to renewing the mind. Every thing is done given, paid for, redeemed you can go on and on. The…

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God is love

THE LOVE OF GOD God Has No Body Certain groups, notably the Mormons, have committed the error of saying that God the Father has a body, and have thus become anthropomorphites, people who say that God has a human form. … Continue reading

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GOD’S MERCY He multiplys abundently the reward for good deed. And never punishes us harder or more than even to the sufficient of which it may deserve. You know the most important and interesting part is,…

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If we believe the term supernatural exist and is true and when someone tries to understand the things of the supernatural, one realy needs to agree with the fact that humans are a spiritual beings in a human body not … Continue reading

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Who is Jesus Christ

God was in christ reconsiling with the world to him self. . Because did not want to make another covenant with man that are weak to up hold commandent. . So him made it with him self and for him … Continue reading

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