If we believe the term supernatural exist and is true and when someone tries to understand the things of the supernatural, one realy needs to agree with the fact that humans are a spiritual beings in a human body not the opposite,

Of which they don’t or (find it hard) to believe, not just “creatures” . . Yet I mean we are programmed already to know and understand spiritual matters, and the ability to change our world through speech.(WORD), mostly new generation is blessed with all that is promised . .

But what we are lacking is the ability to know that from within our selves this is true even though we may think it is impossible, and the FAITH in hope that what is said and being preached is true and will come to pass.
And better yet GOD willing may just change . But if we all look up to GOD earnestly for a manual on how to operate man. .

It been more than evident that we realy don’t like to read operational instruction for our devices let alone the assemble warnings written in red. .

The reality is the Almighty is way beyond us humans, in such a way we find hard to even believe. . He writes every thing he needs us in our hearts and has full daily updates, sounds like any I-phone know . 😉 SO stay connected GoD LIVES and he got the manual too. 🙂

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